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About Us


Created by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the acclaimed MUZZY language learning courses target your child's optimal years to learn a second or even a third language. The lovable MUZZY and his delightful friends will guide your child on the journey to learning a new language. Click here for more information about our MUZZY programs.

The BBC is one of the world's most respected creators and producers of broadcast programming. By virtue of its broad reach and excellent programming, the BBC's reputation as a teacher of language is unparalleled. Its most famous language program, Follow Me (also known as BBC English), is the most popular language course for adults ever created. Similarly, MUZZY the most popular language learning program ever created for children. MUZZY has been used in national curriculum (for example, in Canada and France), forward-looking public and private schools from Thailand to Turkey, and homes from the United States and UK to Mexico and Japan.